What is KMRIA?

KMRIA, Inc. is an education alternative that successfully reaches K-19-year-old students who have been suspended or expelled, or who come from abusive homes or suffer from medical disabilities. 


Our unique "Starting Over" approach offers alternative education and teaches life skills to students who have difficulty in traditional school settings. 


Education, employment skills, and life skills are just three of the major goals that KMRIA strives for. Our uniquely specialized and highly successful approach to learning academic conent is what sets us apart from other education alternatives. 


KMRIA's teachers must be certified in their respective discipline(s) by the state they teach in and they must have a minimum of five years experience handling at-risk students as defined by the KMRIA mission statement. 

The teachers will ensure mastery and completion in each of the sending school's required disciplines for graduation. Upon completion, students can participate in their High School graduation ceremony, just like any other student!

Mission Statement

KMRIA, Inc. is an education alternative for K-19 year old students who have been suspended, expelled, suffer from medical disabilities, are in special education, or come from abusive homes. It is designed to deal with children in their formative years prior to the introduction of alcohol, drugs, or becoming the product of a broken home. The program of education, employment, and character building through life skills are the integral parts of the pedogogy.