About KRMIA, inc.

KMRIA , Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational corporation that:


(a) is only the second one to be named without having any physical facilities

(b) utilizes homebound instruction designed for the child whose physical, mental, or emotional needs are not met in the public schools

(c) meets in local restaurants for dining and instruction


Our economic socialization skills and our "feed the children" perspective mandates that no child should have to learn on an empty stomach. 


KMRIA is an education alternative for K-19 year old children who have been suspended, expelled, suffer from medical disabilities, are in special education, or come from abusive homes. It is designed to deal with children in their formative years prior to the introduction of alcohol, drugs, or becoming the product of a broken home. Our programs of education, employment, and character building through "life skills" are the integral parts of the pedagogy.


An alternative school is one that offers an approach to education that varies from the traditional structure of a group of students in a self-contained classroom learning from a predetermined course of study. 




Our overall goal is to produce a productive, well-adjusted citizen who is confident and well balanced in society.


At the end of the term, students will:


  • Demonstrate a knowledge of math sufficient to be successful in the adult world

  • Demonstrate a satisfactory knowledge of reading and writing 

  • Demonstrate a knowledge and appreciation of the arts

  • Demonstrate an ability to personally and professionally interact in the adult world


KMRIA Objectives

Our objectives are:


  • To educate children in a normal pedogogy of the existing school

  • To provide employment in areas of interest to the student

  • To teach character-buliding in developing lifestyles for the students 

  • To become part of the community and successfully interact on both a personal and professional level 

  • To understand behavior in terms of the consequences for certain actions

  • To understand substance abuse and the problem of broken homes and apply this knowledge to their own lives

  • To develop adequate moral and behavioral codes of life

  • To develop strong mental and academic disciplines

  • To gain an understanding of computer literacy 

Foreign Languages

KMRIA utilizes five Rosetta Stone language programs. Rosetta Stone Language Learning is proprietary computer-assisted language learning (CALL) software published by Rosetta Stone Inc. The software uses images, text, sound, and video to teach words and grammar by spaced repetition, without translation.


The Rosetta Stone language programs we utilize are:


  • Spanish

  • German

  • French

  • Chinese

  • Saudi Arabia 


One of our goals is to have the students of the world be able to communicate with each other, from 5th grade through 10th, on a worldwide network.



Plato Courseware is a standards-based online learning program grounded in a tradition of solid research, sound pedagogy, and applied innovation. We develop rigorous, relevant curriculum that challenges your students with a 21st century approach - engaging them with interactive, media-rich content.


We are the only certified instructors in Vermont for PLATO. We use PLATO to teach the core courses of study, mainly:


  • English

  • Math

  • Social Studies

  • Science

  • Life Skills

  • Employment Skills

  • Etiquette 

Life Skills

We are the only certified instructors in New England that offer over 700 Life Skills studies that equip students with strategies on how to successfully deal with various situations, both in the social world and the business world. 

About Dr. Don McGee

Dr. Don McGee has been a teacher for the past 45 years. He obtained Masters and Bachelor degrees from Montclair State Uniersity and his principal certification (C.A.G.S.) from Castleton State College. In 2011, he obtained his EdD (Doctor of Education) from Walden Univesrity. Most of Don's career has been spent in the classroom but he has also functioned as department chair, assistant principal, and principal. 

Dr. McGee with Peter Shumlin, the Governor of Vermont